Admissions will be determined by the Management team based on evaluations and assessments, parents and students interviews, and any diagnostic testing. Admission decisions are made on the basis of fair and objective criteria without any gender, ethnic or religious biases. Please Download the registration form here.

The admissions procedure includes the following :
  • An interview with the child and the parents by Program Manager and Director
  • Previous school reports
  • Initial assessment
  • Medical reports and where relevant, reports from the psychologist, audiologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and speech therapist


Manzil Management reserves the right to assess and interview any student who applies to join Manzil.

In general, we will assess to ascertain :
  • English language proficiency, Manzil uses English as the medium of instruction.
  • Manzil’s ability to provide the appropriate learning support for the applicants’ needs.

All students seeking admission into Manzil are subject to the enrolment criteria. The decision to offer a place to a prospective student is taken by the Admissions Team.


No student will be placed on a waiting list until we have received student’s registration form completed and signed and initial assessment fee is received by the Center. Placement on a waiting list is determined by the date the application received.



Young adults from the community who are looking for employment opportunities can submit their CV along with final school report & medical reports. Our employment program PRIDE can vary from 3 months to 2 years in duration depending on the ability of the graduate.

The admissions procedure includes the following :
  • Graduate has an interview with the Program Manager
  • A multi-disciplinary assessment
  • Interview with Director

Manzil Management reserves the right to select or deny admission to any graduate who applies to join our Employment Program PRIDE.

Manzil is one of the active partners with Emirates NBD in the Together Limitless Careers Network.


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