Every student at Manzil follows an individualized education program (IEP). The Education program follows a holistic approach comprising development of academic, self-help, cognitive, social, and motor skills.


Manzil students who are enrolled in the school program have access to the following services :
  • Therapeutic services
    •           Physiotherapy
    •           Speech and language therapy
    •           Occupational therapy
  • Information technology tools
  • Sport and exercise
  • Horse riding
  • Work placement
  • Various social and leisure opportunities
  • Participation in center events including (public speaking, talent shows)
  • Participation in mainstream classes
  • Art workshops


We provide therapeutic sessions for students who are not enrolled full-time at Manzil, including speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, behavior modification and educational programs.


PRIDE - People Receiving Independence & Dignity through Empowerment

Manzil provides the PRIDE program for students with mild to moderate intellectual challenges. The emphasis of the program is to develop students’ knowledge and skills to become a part of society.

PRIDE has two sections : JOB & ME

According to the students’ performance level they are placed in a work placement program either in the JOB [Job Opportunities in Business] program or the ME [Micro Enterprise] program.

For a JOB candidate, the focus is career planning, including preparing CVs, on-the-job training sessions, learning office skills etc. This is an extensive effort which could span many years and would culminate in a tailor made pre-selected synergistic role within a chosen organization. Assessment of the work environment, accessibility criteria, job carving and training of the corporate team where the graduate is placed is an integral part of this effort. Post employment follow-up is a key component which ensures a successful integration of our Graduates into their new work environment.

A ME candidate on the other hand focuses on enhancing his own inherent creative skill sets which will subsequently be needed in the internally run micro-enterprises. An example of a ME program is jewellery making by the students which is sold in various outlets across UAE. Customized corporate gifts and chocolates is another ME initiative.


UAE’s first support group for families having individuals with Disability - Special Families Support - was the genesis of Manzil. It was started as a non-profit activity in December 1999 and grew to over 200 member families.

We are also a part of the International Best Buddies Program. These constitute the Social Inclusion aspect of Manzil’s broader mandate.



We are providing consultancy services to a variety of organizations :





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